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Meet John & Isabelle Dymond

The dream of opening Izzy’s Scoops & Sweets started with Isabelle. Growing up in a restaurant family, Isabelle always dreamed of having her own dessertery.


After many years in retail, banking, and real estate, along with raising two amazing children, Isabelle was finally able to make her dream a reality.


John grew up in California and spent many years serving this great nation. After retiring from the US Air Force, John began practicing government law.


Happenstance and family brought them to Mount Pleasant where they quickly fell in love with this all American small town. While planning their dream, the location of The Shoppes at Seaside Farms became the ideal location to serve families sweet treats.


Thank you for joining them as they begin their dream!




GIVE US A CALL: (843) 981-9177

Well-wishes from friends and family:

I’m so excited for the ~sweetest~ couple I know to be following their dreams and sharing their delectable treats with the world! Looking forward to divulging soon!


on your dreams coming true! We know Izzy's will be a BIG hit!

Y'all are living the dream. Enjoy! Everyone on Mount Pleasant will ADORE Izzy's and surely go back for years to come once they meet you guys!

Looking forward to seeing all the success that is SURE to come y'alls way with Izzy's!! 

Congratulations guys!!!! All the local families are going to love your new shop! Can't wait to visit and taste all the treats!

You both are two of the best, most hard-working people ever! We know Izzy's will succeed with y'all two behind it!

Congrats to a wonderful girl! You are always dedicated and such a wonderful person to be around! Can't wait to see you succeed at your new adventure at Izzy's Scoops & Sweets!!!

Wishing y'all a lot of "sweet" success!! Congratulations on your dreams coming true!!

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